Looking for a place to find a hub or wheel parts

Have spent way to many hours on E-bay trying to find a hub and wheels but got sniped at the last min. Looking to buy a complete 18'' setup or parts to make one.

Also how are the DID wheels compared to the Exclels??? Thanks

DID rims are slightly weaker than the Excels, and also slightly lighter, which is why they were used on the YZ250F.

The problem with using a YZ250F rear wheel on a 450, or other 250 class bike, is that the rim is a narrower size for 100/90x19 tires (1.85 wide as opposed to 2.15)

So say I get the Excel rim I need 2.15 so now are the hubs from say the 125 or 250 smaller??? Or will they work on my 450??? if they are from 99 and newer??

Same hubs on all YZ models from '99 onward. But the 125 and 250F will have the 1.85 rear rim.

Thanks Grayracer

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