Dual sport wiring diagram for 07 WR450

I searched thumpertalk and found a wiring diagram for an 04 WR and how the guy connected thier dual sport lighting and horn ect., I was wondering if anybody has on for an 07. Or should I just get a harness? But the work isn't to hard so I don't mind doing some wiring just want to do it right.

I just got my bike and love it and will be trying to get a CA license so any help would be appreciated. Yes I already know that it will be an up hill climb to get the license, but I know the risk and accept them.

Anybody got anything to help out?

I'm in the process of installing a California Dualsport Kit on my 07. It has a master on/off switch. I don't ride my bike on the road other than to connect trails so it stays off most of the time. I am running LED blinker on rubber stalks so they look great, work great and can take a beating. I have been installing the kit one step at a time. Everything is connected and working great except the brake light and high beam. I will use the stock tail light and head light on WR. Both are already pre wired for high beam and brake light. The kit was less than $300.


Thanks, I ended up buying a kit from Procycle, seems like it will be perfect gives you all the basics. Thanks for the input, I had emailed you before and was going to to all the wiring myself, but figured my time was worth more than the hassle and just bought a kit. This kit allows all the 07 stocklighting to be used.

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