New Bike!!! 2001 Yz426f

whats up? i've been lurking on TT for a couple weeks (because my old ride is a 94 rm250) but i finally got to upgrade, check it out. and i was wondering if there are any problems or things i should inspect closely before really taking it out and riding. i already gave it a once over with my own eyes but i'm a 4 stroke newb. everything looks in order, and my first short ride was a BLAST! lemme know what you guys think


first of all nice bike.. secondly welcome to the tt family.. third where in cali are u from? and 4th... i would check the valves, change the oil and check the airbox for signs of bad maint(dirt).. check the plug/replace plug, greese all the berrings or at least check them out.. and when ur done with all that have some fun.

i live in California city, so if anybody's riding out this way let me know! and i planned on doing the oil and the air filter tonight, and i gotta drain the gas because the guy said it was old so i'll get a new spark plug when i get new gas. i'll pry grease everything this weekend before any long riding trips, but i dont want to! haha, i just wanna ride

one other thing, on the drive home the wind blew one side of the tank graphics part way off, anyone know a good adhesive for these to stick it back on?

Contact cement will hold the graphics down.........If it was me, I would plan on tearing down & lubing the swingarm and shock linkage bearings in the next six months or sooner. Most people never go there, especially if they are just weekend riders.......One more thing comes to mind. Yamaha could have put a piece of wood inplace of the seat foam & you wouldn't be able to tell the diff. I just finished building a seat for my "02" 426 & now it's sweat. I went with a tall, soft foam & Throttle Jockie cover..........BTW, nice looking bike. Good luck.

Nice bike. I'd buy a mag cover gasket and a new timing chain for it. They should be replaced every year or two.

Every piece of info they gave and do the 450 DCM if it still has the stock exhaust cam in place. When you check the valves and replace the cam timing chain it is no sweat to do. Nice looking scoot you got there. Welcome to the YZF family.


thanks for all the good words! i didnt really notice the seat too much, but my old bike was a PIECE so this thing is like a cadillac in the desert. i plan on doing the cam swap once i get some cash, but right now i can start it up fine and i'm just glad to be able to ride and not have to work on my 2-stroke all the time!:applause:

i'm just glad to be able to ride and not have to work on my 2-stroke all the time!:applause:


Yep wrenching is OK but riding is way better..:applause:

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