XR650R in CT, Registration/Setup

Im gona be looking for good deals on local used or new XR650R's in my area, and i wanta use the BRP for duelsport/supermoto, to commute to school and terrorize the town. I have done all kinds of research on registering the bike and setting it up. I even have a list of mods that i wanta do after i get it. Here in "CT" they dont do inspections, so i figure i have a desent chance of getting it throught DMV. Even if i have to try 5 times or drive to a diffornt DMV on the other side of the state i wanta get this done. Anyone who knows CT laws think this is a bad idea? anyone plated an off-road bike in CT? and what about renewing the plate?

If anyone within say 500 miles of Western CT has an XR for somewhere around $4-$5K im interested. prefurable a 02 model or later cause i like the red and black seat lol.


Ive only heard of 1 XRR in CT, that sold in New Haven 2 years ago. Looks like id be better off ordering one new from my local dealership. They quoted me $6000 OTD. Good price?

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