Bent rim

Hello guys,

Im looking for some suggestions. I let my brother inlaw ride my 426 after he said " if i wreck it ill pay for it". Well he hit a rock, apparently at a high rate of speed as the rim was bent at the impact spot and it blew the tube.

Where would be a good place to get an OEM rim? Would an aftermarket rim be as good as my Eccel factory rim? Will I need to get the spoke kit as well, or can I just use my spokes?

or should I just beat my rim back into place with a hammer?

What would you do?

check ebay first.

I wouldn't try to fix a bent rim, bending it back usually will crack it ( very dangerous if not noticed--don't ask! ) You should be able to get an Excel aftermarket rim and spokes for less than the OEM price ( same stuff I believe). Besides your not paying for it so I would go with the best parts possible :applause: WR Dave

if you are patient, you can get OEM take-off rims on ebay for a steal.

i picked up my rear WR wheel (including hub/sprocket/disk) for 135 SHIPPED

but like i said, you have to be patient, and have good ebay search-fu....because people cant seem to decide how wr450f is spelled.


wr 450



etc etc etc, ad nauseum.

I have a rear 19" OEM rim to let go. Any interest?

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