Where do we buy bearings for our motorbikes in general. I need some rear ones for my 1986 CR250

the bike is a 1984 XR 200R with a 1986 CR250 prolink and back tire on it. it is lik frankenstein. Any suggestions for a place to buy them.

thanks all

Remove the bearings and look on the side for a part number. It should be a 4 digit number, possibly followed by some more letters and numbers. Most manufacturers use the same numbering system so you should be able to get them anywhere that sells industrial supplies. If there is no part number, measure the dimensions and look in a catalogue for a match. If it is for a wheel, get a sealed bearing.

ok now to remove them how do you do it. I am new to this. Do you need a bearing puller or what. Any advice is appreciated. thanks alot.


Yellow pages... you should have a bearing house somewhere out there... My local guys are great help... and cheaper, higher quality bearings.

since you are replacing them it won't matter much how they come out as long as the #'s are intact.

Best advice is a long punch.. on the outer race, in a criss cross pattern. slow but sure.

Also.. it is best to use a brass hammer (good force transfer) patience and luck

ok great. got them out with a screwdriver and a hammer. Got the #'s off of them and the seal. Now for this bike the CR250 1986 the dealer said three bearings. We only found two. only two. wierd i will have to wait till i get the new ones here to check it out. anyway thanks for the help. Chris

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