"TPS sensor??" Please help

I sent my carb out to Zip ty racing, and when I was disconnecting the carb I accidently loosened two small star head looking bolts to disconnect something and I think it is this that Ga426 said was hard to reset. I accidentally loosened these:naughty: to remove this and realized there was a wire with a connector I could remove instead. How do I reset this thing:confused: . I would show you a picture, but I can't find one.

It was on the left side of the carb opposite side of exhaust and on the top of the carb.

And by the way on my 03 all I had to do to remove the carb was remove the gas tank and seat. It was simple. Everyone said it was hard and talked about removing sub frame bolts and all kinds of stuff.

Is there anything I need to do or set when I put my carb back in after getting it back from zip ty? I live pretty close to sea level right around st. louis area.

Can't wait to get it back and try it out:ride:

Well, this will be fun.

The adjustment procedure is on page 6-10 of the manual. If you look closely, you'll see the "witness marks" let by the screws on the body of the sensor. You can use these to get the unit close to its correct position. Then bolt it on a try it. The trouble with the '06 is that you cannot access the TPS screws in place to make adjustments, so if it's wrong, you have to remove it, move it, and retry. Alternatively, you can see if you can leave the screws just loose enough to let you move the switch while the engine runs, then take the carb off and tighten it once you figure out where it goes.

Well, this will be fun..

more like ugly............:applause:

XR you sre going to need some onsite assistance to get this right......do a search on TPS reset and remember all the steps. A 2nd set of hands will be most desired. Trust me :applause:

Damn TPS...had one go down on me on my Yamaha Apex Turbo 20km out in the backcountry....sled would die at low rpm so had to ride it hard to get out.Normal setting for the sled is 15-95 and mine was 30-115.Ran like a dog!Not easy to change on a sled especially with an intercooler in the way.

Did someone say TPS?


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