Wr 450 ?

I started riding about 3 years ago, and i ride a honda 250f r. Its just not enough anymore, and i'm wondering about a wr450. I ride desert, trails, single track, sand ( glamis ) , some track and night rides. I want a bike that will get me used to having power and not have to shift so much. I was looking at a XC 450, but with the cost I wondered if the WR wouldn't be a smarter choice. If anyone could give me an opinion. Also, is the wide ratio tranny good for single track tight situations? Does it not want to stall to easy?

it will handle all of that stuff.

and a yamaha is always a smart choice over a ktm

IMO, both bikes are great. My brother has the XC450 (not XC450-w). The XC has a way different rake and trail which makes it turn on the dime. I mean, that bike corners like nothing else I've ever ridden and it feels really easy to ride in tight stuff. It also has 6 gears. However,the suspension was way too hard when he first took it off the showroom floor. He's had it re-valved since by a local suspension shop (ESP) and now the bike flies over whoops, rocks and roots. I believe it is significantly lighter than the WR too. The XC-W versions have a long stroke motor and don't have a lot of the trick stuff like CNC'd clamps, new WP suspension and the crazy short stroke motor. The long stroke motor makes the bike feel significantly heavier because of the X?X?X?X? (I forgot the word but I'm talking about a phenomenon in physics which refers to rotational force) KTM's are waaaay easier to work on because they don't have bucket and shim valve adjustment and have very easy access to carb and rear shock.

So why did I buy a WR? Cause I've got blue running in my veins, baby! And, I just always have to out-do my little bro (here's one for you windrider:thumbsup:) I just rejetted my bike and it riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiips! I think my bike doesn't rev like the XC but it has way more torque, which is just fine for me. The suspension is much easier to dial in. It has a linked rear suspension which is far more superior to KTM's linkless set up. Yamahas are famous for having fabulous Kayaba suspension which is really easy to dial in to your needs. In the end, it is the suspension that makes you ride better, not necessarily more power.

BTW, my WR is currently at ESP for a re-spring/re-valve job! A ride report is coming soon!:applause:

Thanks for all the great info!!!

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