What am I doing ???

trying to do an oilchange immediately post-superbowl drinking? but just grabbed tools that you "thought might work instead" ???

I ran into this problem once on the 250 after a night of (I guess too many) beers. It was all good till i realized I just dumped 2 qts of mobil one into the waste container and the old oil just got to make a lap around my bike :) .

Doh, just noticed the Switerland sig. Probably no Homey D or Lowes. Maybe Le Lumber Yard? or Der WoodenShak?

:D You done be takin the carb out, to do a needle/clip change.....aren't you?????? :)

Dude...If you did what I think you just did, then you're going to go up on that PJ and PAJ a touch to make things right on the bottom end. Everything else should be ok.

I looked for that thread as well...Must have been deleted when TT changed over to the new provider. I remember most of what went on...e-mail me and I'll help you work through it.

Bonzai :)

I believe he's launched the needle circlip across his garage, and is now groping about helplessly on his hands and knees trying to find the little bugger.

That is why, in addition to the tools listed, you need some small vise grips to latch firmly on to the clip so you can't drop it.

Do I win?

- my hands smell of gas,

- there's a philips screwdriver, a 3 and a 4 mm hex wrench on the seat

- I'm on my hands and knees

- my bike will not run now

- I am NOT a happy camper


BFLee ...warm!

Guy...close... but no prize...you failed on the home stretch!!

Yamakaze...you had inside information!!!!

Hick wins......

The needle falls in slow motion.....

It hits at the end, swivels, hits at the head..

..There is the softest of "pings"...

1/2 a second later there is another softest of "pings"

No circlip on my needle anymore.







Of course no-one nearby has one in stock !!

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[ February 05, 2002: Message edited by: The Missile ]

Is this a quiz?

Float bowl is off the carb?

Don't forget to close the float bowl drain (3mm hex).

Did the pilot screw fall out?

Is a jet clogged?

Is the slide cracked?

Build yourself an elevated work stand. $20 worth of lumber from Homey D's or Lowe's. Your hands and knees will love you for it.

:D Deepest sympathies :) Try sweeping the garage floor, then sifting thru the accumulated debris for it (Straws, Clutching.......) :D

I did think about that but my problem is I have all sorts of /"&ç stacked around the walls of my garage.

I think I'll paint the next one day-glo orange :)

Are they steel? I can’t remember, but if so a magnet would help. I think they are steel.

This hasn’t happened to me, but I had a nightmare that it did. So now I have a few extra circlips. Any good fastener supply place should have them BTW, just measure the needle or better yet, take it to the store with you.

BTW, huge news flash, Hayseed and Hick are one and the same. I forgot my password and created Hayseed to post from work (SHIRKER ALERT!!!).

Since I am leaving this job as of this Friday [sniff] that will be the end of Hayseed.

So anyways, what do I win???

I ordered 4 of the little /&"%*çers just to be safe. Best to learn from lifes little downs !!

:) Look on the bright side........It's still -400C outside and it could have happened in Summer! :D

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