Top end differences between 250F / 450F

I am looking at upgrading to a YZ450F. Could someone tell me if the valve train and top end are the same on both the 250F and 450F.

I am aware of the displacement differences, my question relates to maintenance and the replacement of parts (eg piston, rings, valves etc).

Thanks in advance.

The design is the same set-up for a 250f and 450f, but obviously everything internal (part wise) is totally different ... So any work (valve shimming/top ends) will be done the same way as your 250f ...

I thought that would be the case. Cheers for the info.

The parts on a 450 will wear out slower than a 250F because of the lower RPMs that it runs most of the time. Other than that, go about it maintaining it the same as a 250F.

So you get more power... a stronger longer lasting motor... simple maintenance like a 250F...

... Why doesn't everyone get the 450F :applause:

Because they are afraid of them.

Of course I should have know what :applause:

And indeed I will fully understand it when it dumps my ass :applause:

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