03 WR450 starting concerns

Hey I have an 03 WR450 with the 03 starter etc, and lately I've been getting some kickback from the kickstarter. On top of that sometimes when I kick the kickstarter locks and won't budge until I press the E-start (typically I'll hear a little click telling me it's OK to kick it over again).

Any one else experience this or have any reccomendations?



Woodruff key on the starter shaft? I remember reading somewhere about that, and especially the 03's having particular problems with that. Definitely, find out what's going on! Do more search hear on TT.

is it hot or cold and are u pumping the throttle to start it? it has an accellerator pump in the carb so it pushes fuel into the engine, and causes a liquid lock up. use the hot start give it a kick or 2 then use the easy button

I had the Woodruff Key shear during the break-in and it was fixed by the dealer I bought the bike from... Thanks to www.offroad.com I knew about the woodruff issue before It happened to me. That was a rough night first the woodruff key shears at the beginning of the ride, then I hit a deer with my jeep on the ride home...

I typically don't give any gas when I'm kicking it over (still have the original battery in so I don't usually e-start unless she is warm) and the problem occurs regardless of temp. Its rare that I have to give it any throttle maybe a quick 1/8th of a twist when she's really stubborn and cold.

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