Handlebar Cross Bar-Can I Lose It?

I got a Trail Tech Vapor computer recently. I finally got around to installing it yesterday. Since I moved my bars quite a bit forward, the cross bar was basically covering the old odometer on my bike. I have Renthal bars and was able to remove the cross bar as it simply unbolts from the clamps.

My question is-will it compromise my safety, or the strength of the bars to run it without the cross-bar in place?

I have tried putting the cross bar in a different location, but because of how I swiveled the bars in the mounts, the cross bar will always be blocking my view of the computer.

That bar is there for a reason..:applause: I would not remove it...:applause:

If you remove the cross bar and go down, the handlebars will bend badly; probably have to be replaced.

For what ever its worth I removed mine the day I put the new bars on. I have not been down hard yet,but I have gone down and no bend yet.

Get a Pro Taper, it has no cross bar.


I ended up making my own bracket that uses the lower right corner handlebar bolt to support the computer. In this manner, the computer is right in front of me.


I have already test driven the bike and the computer has stayed put. I have not hooked up all the connections yet, so I can't tell you if I can see it while driving. Still waiting for the proper temperature sending unit from Trail Tech. Once that gets here, I will have it up & running.

Which bend Renthals you have? The Carmichael hi or CR hi are plenty tall to clear a steering stabilizer, and they require 40mm minimum distance from handlebar to crossbar. Scotts used to sell some Renthals with a special crossbar to clear the steering stabilizer. Like frankstr said, they wouldn't have it there if it didn't serve a purpose.

I removed the cross bar on my twin walls and replaced it with aluminum flat stock then mounted my GPS onto the flat stock. I contacted Renthal about it before hand and they said the twin walls are very strong BUT the cross bar makes them much stronger. Just my 2 cents worth but there is always more than one way to skin a cat, just adapt and over come!

As you can see from the picture.. I left the cross bar in place. I simply changed the location that I was going to mount the computer.

In regards to what type of bars they are-I don't know! They were on the bike when I got it. I am wanting something that sits HIGHER than these bars. I have heard that the CR High Bend bars should raise the grips up more.. Unless these current bars are already high risers???????

Anyway, the cross bar is staying right where it is at. The pad on the other hand-TOAST! I need to get a new one. That thing is an eye-sore. Even worse, the padding inside is so old that it turns to dust when you touch it. I can't imagine that it would protect much if you banged into it.

I'd still get pro-taper bars

I have the Pro Taper bars, and they are great. I also think it's easier to have a hand held GPS so you can use it somewhere other than on your bike, and you don't get the urge to look down while you are maching through the desert(best way I know to bend my bars). That's just my opinion

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