Advice on Chains / Sprokets

Just wanting to tap the expertise of the group. I changed my sprokets about 6 months ago and left on the old chain. It appeared to be in good shape. Ive ridden it fairly hard and now I want to change drive ratios, so I'll need new sprockets again. The chain still looks to be in good shape, as do the current sprockets. I've always heard you should change the chain along with sprokets. Presumably this due to the fact that a worn chain will wear the new sprokets or that the sprokets and chain will not mesh well, or both. The chain is original equipment on my 98 so I guess I'll replace it out of priciple but I'm not seeing the wear issues that Ive always heard about. Any thoughts on this?

A good yet simple way to gauge chain wear is to see if you can pull it off the back side of the rear sprocket. If you can that means the chain has stretched to the point that the gap between rollers is larger than the distance between sprocket teeth. You shouldn’t be able to pull it away from the sprocket very much at all.

I always try to replace as a set, so my opinion would be that now is a good opportunity to get a decent chain on that thing. I can’t believe the stock chain is still on your bike. Mine lasted about two hours.

I bought the bike used 1 yr ago. The previous owner said that everything was stock. He might have been "pulling my chain" (sorry, I could'nt help myself). I will say ,I am also shocked that the thing has worn so well. I haven't tried the test you mentioned. I usually just loosen and inspect for kinks, twist etc. The rear sprocket test looking at pin to pin stretch sounds like a good test. Thanks for the input.

Forgetting to mention, or just plain forgetting, that you had replaced the chain seems reasonable. On the other hand the chains that ship with WRs last much longer than the one that ships with YZs. I have a few friends (okay, three) with WRs and all three got at least 10 hours out of the stocker before we began seeing any significant stretch.

I guess I momentarily forgot where I was, as I normally lurk over on the YZ side reading about YZs, which is what I have. The stock chains on these for whatever reason don’t last nearly as long as the ones on WRs (which, in ’01 anyway, are of the o-ring variety).

But a good quality o-ring chain like RK, DID or Regina is a good investment IMO and will make the sprockets you buy last longer. You get what you pay for, and if you take care of it a good $80 or $90 dollar chain will last 50 hours, prolonging the life of your sprockets as well.

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