Jd Jetting Kit

I have a 2005 WR450 and I have finally given up on the JD jetting needles. :applause: I just can't get rid of the mid throttle flat spot and believe me, I have tried every possible combination. I think the needles are not shaped right for my bike. Good thing my friend works at a shop that designes jet kits and can dyno the bike. :applause: They will make a kit perfect for my bike.

Yah I agree the JD jet kit richens the mix a lot. Just for kicks, I would add the Powernow and see if you can't get a little more air through the carb. I use the JD red on 4th clip with a powernow and my 06 runs good.

GYTR AIS removal Kit is all you need

I have the AIS removed. I drilled some holes in the air box and put the 1" uni air filters in it so it was getting more air. I am not going to spend the money on the power now. With stock jetting it runs smoother than with the JD kit.

The GYTR kit has an adjustable needle, 48 pilot jet and throttle stop along with plugs for the AIS ports. I had mine put on the dyno and had to turn the air screw out 2 3/4 to make it run most efficient. Big differnece from stock to free mods to AIS kit to Dyno.

If I didn't have my buddy to tune it I probably would try the GYTR kit. I probably will pay the price of the kit to have him do it. I'll let you know how it goes.

What part of California do you live/ride in? I normally ride my 2006 WR450 from seal level to about 2500 feet. I'm running the JD blue needle in the #3 position, 48 pilot, 170 main, the thick o-rings for the accelerator pump, UNI filter, "free mods", and PMB exhaust tip. I have no bog anywhere throughout the rpm range and mid-top is where my bike runs strongest. I originally tried the GYTR needle but the performance is much better with the JD needle. I had considered trying the Edelbrock carb because it worked so well for my XR650R but I can't justify the expense because I'm not having carb problems.

Did you open the two holes in your airbox and remove the snorlel?

I have to apologize to the JD Jetting people. Apparently there is a problem with the carb that is making it un-jettable.

With all those happy customers using JD jetting, including me, there must be something good about those kits.

Good luck figuring out your problem

I use the JD kit in my KTM 525exc and it runs great! I have installed the AIS kit on my WR450 and it made a big difference. I'm still tempted to get the JD kit for the WR just for flexibility with altitude changes. I ride from sea level to 14k and the ability to simply change a needle and a jet is too much to pass up.

I have an 05. I run a 168 main, red needle 4th position, 48 pilot.

When I was running the stock exhaust can with a pmb insert, there was a definite bog, especially in that gray area between 2nd and 3rd gear. The problem I had was that third gear had very little on the bottom and did not pull strong. So I found myself always jumping between 2nd and 3rd gear to find some power.

I have since switched to an FMF pipe. Same carb setting, no real bog or hesitation. 3rd gear pulls real strong on the bottom now and I don't have to give it too much gas.

I literally ride in 3rd most of the time and it pulls nice and strong.

You may want to try a pipe or go up two teeth on the rear sprocket to keep your rpm's up.

What pipe are you using.

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