How to replace clutch hints/tips? 06 yz450, help quick please

Hey guys,

I havn't done a clutch in a loooong time.

Wondering if yall could give me any hints or tips on what to do and look for on a 06 yz450f. I have to do mine tonight and leave early morning to hit up a race.

Got all new springs, fibers and steels.

I guess what I am looking for a is quick step by step sort of deal with any tricks. Last clutch I did was a 02 yz125. Do you still want to soak the plates in oil etc..etc?

Sorry for coming off as a newb haha.

It's not really complicated to warrant all the angst, frankly.

Step 1> If you bought something other than OEM, GYT-R, or Hinson plates, take them back (that's just me, you can ignore it if you want).

Step 2> Take the old clutch out, and put the new clutch in.

If you run the engine long enough to purge the sump first, you won't loose a significant amount of oil, even if you work on it while it's upright.

Soaking the plates overnight won't hurt, but I've never done it. Dip them in a shallow plate of clean oil as you assemble them, and take it easy on them for 10 minutes, you'll be fine.

Angst? What do you mean?

Anywho I got it all buttoned up with no problems. I did go O.E.M as I heard of way too many problems with aftermarket clutches.

But yea it went exactly the same as my old yz, nice and easy. I just wasn't sure if there was something I should be doing different with the big thumper but yep, it was pretty easy!

I soaked the plates for about 15 minutes. Torqued the springs down to about 9 foot pounds and adjusted the slack and it seemed mucho better!


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