How long?

blndebmbr's latest report got me to thinking...I'm very curious as to how long some of you ladies have been riding?


Not even a year for me (this time-rode when I was a kid), but I feel I've progressed a lot...


ive been riding, just over 2 years. and i still suck, heeeeyyyyy what else is new...ahahha

I've been riding for 5 years (since I was 10). I've gone through 4 bikes already. At first I hated the sand, but now I blast through sand washes at 5th gear pinned.

Wow! Good question:thinking: I'd have to say about 2.3 years.

just started this year i got my bike and have been out riding like twice :applause:

Technically four years. But can you really count it when you're an adult and only get to ride every month or two? Oh and then I was bike-less for, what nine months?

So, cumulatively what do you think? A year?:applause:

Interesting answers! I'm a weekend rider too so I don't really know how to figure "how long?", but I do know how I feel when I accomplish things on a bike I never thought I could do before. My progress is pretty fast and I am more apt to try something new (unlike when I first started) Shoot I'm itching to move up in bikes already and I haven't even owned my 230 a year yet...maybe I'm pushing it a tad?? NAH!

So do we ever get over the "scared sh*tless" factor??? :applause:

Been ridding Street a year last month. Rode Dirt about 6 months before that. So a year and a half. Oh and sence of course it's street, I ride daily, Dirt now is few and far between.

2-3 years as a kid, but nothing serious, just putting around. bought my first bike in 2000, been riding full time ever since. not very long.

I got my 1st bike in '93, rode ALOT between then and '98, was pregnant for 3 years and then after 3 kids, started riding seriously again in '05,

So, I guess that would be 7 years of full out ride time, lately sometimes twice a week!

It seemed to me, that within the past year, something just clicked and I got faster, maybe it was the KTM?:applause: (had it for a year now) Or maybe all the racing I have done in the past year has helped. Or just plain ol seat time!

Or all the above.

But as far as the fear factor, it just depended on the situation, but for the most part, I was over that after a year or so of riding. But, in that time, I DO remember just sitting at the top of a downhill, thinking "no way", I am NOT going to go down that!

Seat time, seat time, seat time in all different situations helps the most, I say that because I am a trail rider, no track at all. On trails you run into all different types of terrain, mud, rocks, up hills, down hills, log crossings, water crossings with rocks, off camber, ruts, etc. My biggest pucker factor for me last year, was at an enduro, it had a bunch of long and skinny bridge crossings, no railing, no board running along the edges to keep your rear tire from sliding off, did I mention it was loooong and skinny AND some were kinda HIGH? OMG! Bridges are tricky, rule of thumb is no gas, no brakes while crossing over them, specially when they are wet! And these were alittle moist. I try to carry enough momentum to coast over them, but these bridges had a step up onto them, so he had to let off the gas right when you got on them. UGHHH! It sucked!

My hiney drawed up and the hackles went up on the back of my neck! HATED it! I loved the rest of the race as far as the terrain, it was my 1st EVER enduro and it was 80 mile long and I did the whole thing, but I told myself I wouldn't do it again next year due to the bridge crossings, of all things!

So, really, I still find things on the trails that scare the sh!t out of me!

24 on road

22 off road

10 serious off road competiton

do NOT add up those numbers, please

So do we ever get over the "scared sh*tless" factor??? :applause:

NO - it is human nature

some (mostly male individuals - no offence intended, just what I noticed over the years) seem to be able to shut off that part their brains when riding

But as far as the fear factor, it just depended on the situation, but for the most part, I was over that after a year or so of riding.

in a year? :applause:

I tip my hat to you, Momma:worthy:

I remember even after a few years of racing 'Juppo' (German Enduro Trophy) there were races when fear kept me awake the night before the race and there were places I stopped, shook my head and sometimes screamed in fear:excuseme:

but I also remember e.g. one IGE run (kinda hare scramble) with a 12-15ft vertical drop you had to tight left turn into, a friend and I discussed this section half the night, when riding it appeared too sudden and actually was easy to ride, but still a 5 second section of the ride had me uptight and in fear for hours:banghead:

this is my 5th year of riding, 4th of racing. The 1st year I just rode trails every couple of weekends. The first 2 years of racing, I clocked up a lot of hours, both practice and racing. Work and distance has gotten in the way in the last few years though but I try to get out most weekeds now, either mx or trails.

Been riding for 3 years now I think.

2 years here - but sadly that's only about 2 days per month.

So do we ever get over the "scared sh*tless" factor??? :applause:

I finally figured it out...after a long talk with hubby.

You know that sick, shaky feeling you get after a HUGE adrenaline rush, the "OHMYGOD I just almost DIED when I did THAT, DANG!" and you feel funky and try not to do that again because your knees are wobbling like Jell-o and your eyes feel like shiny chrome and all the spit has dried up in your mouth?

Well, THAT feeling is the one that guys seek out again and again BECAUSE THEY GROOVE ON IT.

I think that's the biggest difference between "us and them"...we don't like that feeling and they do. Of course, a little bit of that feeling is cool but they really really enjoy the full body rush of adrenaline.

That's my understanding, anyway.

now, back OT - I started riding on an XR 200 when I was 20, and started up again when I was 33. I'm now 36, so I just say three years and leave it at that. :applause:

Several years ago I had a doc tell me that I had high testosterone levels, I looked at her & asked "is that why I act like such an ass sometimes?" She didn't get it. I think she may have been right because I love the adrenaline rush. Even on 5 MOH, that was a little intense at first but then it was like at every rock face "ohhhhhhh, can I do it? can I? ohhhhhhh".

I love that feeling of being scared shitless and conquering it.

As far as getting over the scared feeling, never happens I hope. If it does then I figure I'm taking it too easy.

Riding time, started in 1999 at age 34 so 8 years of seat time and we ride every weekend from about March - November and usually a couple evenings or mornings during the week from May - Sept when the days are longer. We don't ride that much when it's hot & dry, that's jetski time.

I rode ATC's a lot when I was a kid, and scooters. Does that even count??? Then I spent 10 years with the wrong person and we weren't allowed to do ANYTHING that even seemed like it would be dangerous. I met Mike in September of 2000 and he introduced me to riding again. Course at that time I only got to ride with him a couple of times because I didn't have a bike so we would borrow a friends quad every time and I hated it because it would beat me up so bad on those trails. We broke up for about a year in between and then when we got back together he decided that it was a good idea to teach me to ride on his IT490. After a while we started borrowing bikes from people and realized that we weren't riding anywhere near as much as we wanted to so he went and bought me a beat up old xr200 and we started riding at least a couple times a month (there wasn't any good riding areas close to us). I guess that was about 4 years ago, just after we moved in together. We also started riding the street bikes together about the same time and rode those pretty much every day, rain or shine for a while. We sold the street bikes last year to get ready for the move to Colorado and I haven't gotten to ride much since last August when I tore up my knee. I have no idea what that adds up to but it's not nearly enough. I still get scared just about every time we ride though, even more so with the bum knee of course.

I got my first bike (XR100) when I was 26 and started riding, no too seriously. Then at age 33 (and 1 child later) I got a 2004 TTR125 and got series. Rode my first race just to say Ive raced and prove to myself I could do it and now just ride trails and pits when possible. Not too many other chicks that enjoy riding as much as I do around my parts :applause:

and the "scared sh*tless" factor??? isn't that what it is all about in other terms known as ADRENALINE! I go out and ride to forget about what i am really afraid of: STRESS!

So all together I have been riding not too long but want to keep on enjoying it and hope that the CRF 50 my Xhubby got my daughter when she was 3 (she is now 4 1/2) will be right by my side!!!!

I got my first bike last year and ride with my husband once every other week. I just moved up from my CRF 230 to a CRF 150R and I always have a death grip on the bars even on flat ground. But holy cow is it fun. That is why I ride, it is such a great feeling to conquer my fears and do something I never would have thought I could.

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