Amybody tried Maxxis DualMaxx yet?

Has anybody tried Maxxis DualMaxx tires yet? I ride a street legal WR450 and need a DOT tire for 10% street and 90% dirt. Any other recommendations?

I tried Maxxis' DualMaxx front and rear on my new 426 in 2002, and I don't recommend it at all. It's the fastest wearing tire I've ever had, fragile too. Go with Pirelli MT21 (130/80 rear, 90/90 front) and you'll get better traction in all conditions and at least twice the mileage. I'm actually gonna save a few bucks this summer and try Kenda's 776F front (80% dirt) and a K270 rear (5.10"=130mm) which is pretty aggressive for a 50% dirt rating...

I have used the Kenda Tires, and I say they are the best bang for your buck.

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