Tall seats

I want to buy a tall seat for my 06 YZ450. Are there any other quality seats other than SDG?

Do yourself a favor and DON'T buy the SDG. I would get foam and a seat cover. They are very simple to put on. I've had a SDG and I've done the foam thing. The ones that you put together are much better and when it's all done they fit. I just did the FX foam and seat cover on my '06....it has been great!

my .02 cents

I have no complaint with sdg. It fits tight but that doesn't bother me. It looks stock fit wise, just taller. It had wrinkles when I first put it on but they went away after a couple rides.

I had to take the bracket off and re-mold it to fit my bike. The foam started falling apart after a dozen rides, then it was all over my air filter after every ride. The seat didn't fit on the sub-frame. It would slide on and off the sub-frame in every corner. I really thought it was a crappy seat. Hey, it's cheaper than buying foam and a seat cover though.....I guess you get what you pay for!

I had a local trim shop raise mine. They removed the crappy stock foam and replaced it with something a little softer and then raised it 1 inch over stock. I think they charged me $70 for everything. Something to think about....

I have a Moose tall seat on mine that i picked up here in the classifieds. Much better/softer with gripper cover,love it.

I have Guts tall foam. I love it

I had the Guts tall on my WR. I put an SDG tall on the new scooter. The SDG is fine but if I did it again I'd go with Guts as the SDG fit isn't perfect, but good enough...


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