keeping stock head & tail light, thoughts on your cheap dual sport kit for a 07 WR

First of all I have no intention of buying a big named dual sport kit. I love my 07 WR450F's very cool headlight and tail light! All of the big name companies require me to chane thoes nice componets.

Theres a guy on ebay that sell a "barly legal kit"


His kit includes a brake switch and a wire harness that plugs into the stock tail light. A MSR mirror. A horn, button and wire harness. plus a very nice license plate holder.

He also offers an upgrade that includes a bare mount switch that has the horn button and a high/low beam switch that plugs into the stock headlight. He has another option for LED turn signals.

What It didn't say was if the turn signals had it's own switch or if it is integrated in the bar mount high/low beam and horn switch. It would be lame to have two different switches unlike a full switch cluster that contains all switches in one unit. It also sounds like their is no high beam indicator but I think I could just get a BD unit to work just fine.

He is asking $151 for the kit with hig/low up grade plus ? for the LED signals. Please let me know if you have any info on this kit.

Another company "Pro Cycle" offers an economy kit that will provide everything for around $250. I talked to him over the phone, he seemed real nice. The negative was that his kit will have a generic wiring harness and I will have to do some splicing and / or connector changes. He was also unsure if the 07 WR450F LED tail light will work as a brake light (I hear that it will?). He did ensure me that the stock head light will work just fine (high/low beam).

Any imput on the "pro Cycle" kit for my 07 WR?

I like the the idea of the fist kit that claimes plug and play but I have reservations for how well it will operate my turn signals.

The "Pro Cycle" kit sounds good also but I fear lots of stock conector removal and some head scratching, plus it's sounds like it could be over $50 more.

Any experience with the above kits?

Can the stock head light be made to work as a high/low beam?

What about the tail light working as a brake light?

Thanks, S/T.

I bought one of those "barely legal kits" off the Ebay guy, I didn't get the upgraded kit with the high/low beam or turnsignals, they are not required here in AZ. The hydraulic brake switch works perfect, the license holder is great quality, however my horn does not work. The mirror is really cheapo and you will need to drill a hole through the ball joint and secure it with a bolt and nut, it won't stay no matter how tight you tighten it. I was surprised that the tail light actually does work like a brake light, must be built in for the other countries models that come street legal...Australia is one I believe...Not really worth 100 beans, but it is what it is.

I'm not sure why you would not want to buy a "big named" dual sport kit as you described. They are "big named" for a reason. They work!

I have the trick dual sport kit and it didn't bother me to change out my headlight. However, it you don't want to do that, then just call Dale @trickdualsport and he will probably sell you just the components you need to use with your existing headlight. He's does that as well.

In California, the barely legal kits won't help you because we have lots of rules. for the $125 - $150 you'd save trying to do it yourself, will be greatly exceeded by the cost of the asprin you'll be taking.

I installed my "big named" dual sport kit in less than 2 hours and I didn't know what the hell I was doing.


You are right, the big name Co's are the best, you often get what you pay for! I have had a B/D kit on my XR650R for over 5-years and it has suffered through an extream amount of hard crashes without fail. I have replaced many turn signals and even the head light shell but even thoes parts lasted way longer than expected.

I called B/D to see if they could help me keep my stock lights with their kit. I even explained that I was aware that my non glass head light lens and LED brake light may not be legal in my state. They did their best to shut me down. I was told that they would not break up any parts of their kit and I would have to buy the hole thing.

I then asked If I could just buy the individual parts and wire harness for my bike (sans, head and tail light)? I was told that if I did so they would not offer me any tec support and that I would be totaly on my own, not even a wiring diagram / instructions would be sent. He wouldn't even tell me what parts (sans, head light and tail light) I would need to get started. I was told to go to the web site if I wanted individual parts. Well, screw thoes guys!

Again, for me it's a must to keep the stock lights. If a light inspector will not sign off on my stock head and tail light I can allways borrow thoes (DOT approved) parts from my XR. The plate is just to get me on fire roads and an ocassional road crossing. It's a DMV lottery attempt anyway. I don't want to spend $400+ just to get shut down by DMV or have the plate recalled after a year. For $175 I'll take that chance.

I will take your advice and call Dale to see what he will do for me. If it's not a huge differance in price I would be happy to pay the extra for higher quality parts and great tec support.



I've been down the exact same road you are heading and have done the same research with the same findings. Because the 07 is new there wasn't a lot of info out on kits a few months ago when I made my decision. I wanted a "barely legal kit", something to get me from trail to trail only. I didn't need a full on street kit and did not want to mess with the stator either. The BD kit seemed too unreliable and friends that have had it always seemed to have something go wrong. I considered making my own kit but after looking into that for 5 minutes I decided I didn't want the hassle. I was leaning heavy towards Trick. Dale seems to be a great guy and very helpful. But I wanted to keep my stock headlight and taillight. His price was the same with or without the aftermarket headlight. So I looked further and went with a California Dual Sport "minimimalistic" kit. It came with the harness, horn, front/rear brake switches, LED flasher, handle bar control switch, and a master on/off switch. I also bought a set of front and rear LED turn indicators which are very nice mounted on rubber stalks. My friend with the BD kit is ditching his and getting the same lights I have. Now I wouldn't consider this kit a plug and play but that's partly because it is universal and partly because I am tweaking it here and there. It wires directly to the battery and it stays in the "off" position unless I'm on pavement (no blinker accidentaly left on running down the trail). I made a plate holder out of a piece of roof vent from Lowes, attached it to the underside of the tail light using slightly longer screws into the exising holes. I used the same screws to attach the rear blinkers with pipe clamps. Works great, very flexible, functional but out of the way. So far everything is attached to the bike and has been trail tested many times. The only two items I have not yet installed are the brake switches and hi/lo beam. The brake switches will be by the book but not the headlight. I am going to route the existing power supply to the headlight through the switch then back to the headlight to give me full time hi/lo beam which will be great for night trail riding.

Hope this helps. I'm real happy with the kit so far. Feel free to email me at if you have questions.


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