Clutch Arm Seal leaks on a XL600, need a rack too...

I know there is a very similar thread, but I apologize, I'm a newbie... couldn't get the arm out, after detaching the cable. It's a 1983 XL600R I know it's same mechanism as almost all the other XR's out there, so I'm posting here. I have the seal, I just need to get the arm out.

Do I have to unspring the spring on the arm? Does it have to be in gear? I really wrestled with it to no avail. I had an XR500, and thought I didn't need to take the whole crankcase cover off... I don't, do I?

Also, what things should I do to this bike... it's a 1983 Honda, 14000 mi., completely stock, really really cherry. You can see your reflection in the glossy red tank. Been garaged and has sat around for awhile recently. I live in San Francisco, so I have to have all the XL crap to just get out of the city to start playing. I want to keep it stock looking, but improve what I can that typically wears out easily. I'm beginning, so I'm getting a manual ASAP. Thanks in advance everyone...

Do a search on the site for XL600 and read what has been said already.

I also need a rack for my 1983 XL600R If you learn of anything that is good and cheap, please keep me in mind.

I got a rack for FREE for my 83... :applause:

Thanks Plodder--

I had read for a couple days before I posted. There is an answer that is very simplistic...

detach cable, turn arm 1/2 turn and pull up and out. I thought this was the procedure, as I had a bike very similar about 6 years ago.

I still haven't been able to get it loose, but I know there is someone on this site than can tell me...

As for a rack, they are nearly impossible to find aftermarket now. The best thing is to fabricate one of your own. I am going to work on that in the near future and will post any ideas/ innovations on this thread.

Any major issues /heads-up you can give me for maintenance on this beast? I bought it super cheap (for the bay area) and they're damn near unkillable, in my opinion.


Thumpmeister-- any chance you can read a brand off of that rack, or is it written in caveman?

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