Rekluse and Kickstart and Am I going to Walk?


Sitting on my kitchen counter is a beautiful new rekluse clutch that's getting installed first thing tomorrow on my 06 yz 450.

I have but one concern, I experience the old "kickstarter lock-up" thing quite a bit if I stall the bike. Now, I know that with the rekluse you arent supposed to be able to stall the bike as much, but If anybody can do it I can.

So whats gonna happen to me when I get that thing locked up 30 miles from nowhere on a trail with the autoclutch? Normally you can just bump the engine over in gear and no problem.

Has anybody figured out a way around this problem?

Looks like you're walking ... :applause:

Really though … If you’re having problems starting your 06’ you should look at your technique (do it, it makes a big difference) … If that’s fine, then go to the jetting and figure out why it won’t fire right up … My 04’ starts first or second kick cold every day … First to third kick hot and I’ve never used the hot-start …

My 06 does what you are talking about every now and then. I usually don't mess with putting it in gear and rocking it anyway. I just push on the kickstart lever harder until it gets easier to turn then kick it to start.

I know this sounds A$$BACKWARDS, but if you are really worried about it you could install a manual decomp lever until you are confident that it would not be a problem. The problem you describe is caused by the auto decomp pin getting stuck inside the cam temporarily. Hope this helps,


Not on an '06, you can't. The bore (and the flaky little plug) have been eliminated.

You should be able to push past compression by holding a steady pressure on the crank. The rings will eventually leak enough to let you over the top.

Grayracer et. al.

Thanks for the replies. I was under the impression that this was a mechanical lock situation but Im happy to hear that its not. Sweet. Nothing to worry about now :applause:

Thanks a ton for the rapid response, I might be heading to southern Utah to try my new clutch out for a few less thing to worry about.

Thanks for the correction Gray, I don't like giving out bad info.

Glad we could help.


I have a rekluse in my 06. Once in a while I experience the "lock". No big deal, just push harder on the kickstart. It'll go...

Now be sure to lock tight the kickstarter, or you'll be walking for sure!

Well, got it all installed.

Man. Its awesome. I was out starting and stopping and riding around in little circles, doing the old brakeslide/poweslide.

Works as advertised.

The only thing I think I could do better myself is Mx starts. I tried a few and I think I was faster before...not completely sure. Might be that its just hooking up better and not making as much sound and fury. Its still plenty quick.

Cant wait to trailride this thing

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