Any NE TTers going to Vegas????

We will be there for our 3rd straight year!

Too bad the points race is already decided, last year was a much better scenario going into the final.

Hopefully the Lites shootout will be entertaining with RV and Townley on the track at the same time.

If you are going, safe travels!!!

I don't think I am allowed back in Vegas! LOL

Lucky! Have fun.... Wish I was going.

yeah, I'll be there in Vegas. This is my first Vegas Supercross. Hopefully the lites will be entertaining. I think stewart should start backwards.

Well, obviously the Supercross class expected, but it was good to see Windham push Reed for about 6 laps or so. The Lites race was OK, it was a rough day for the PC Kawi team...2 DNF's in the main. RV looked great in his heat race too.

On a side note... as luck would have it my friends and I ventured over to the newly re-done Planet Hollywood (Alladdin) Casino/Mall on Sunday afternoon. It so happens that this is where the annual Supercross banquet was being held and I assume, where most of these guys were staying. We hung out right by the entrance and saw pretty much everyone, except JBS. It was pretty funny seeing some of these guys dressed up, they certainly dont feel comfortable in 2pc suits!! So after watching the red carpet parade for 30min or so, we decide to go back to the tables. We get a table and 2 of us decide to hit the mens room first. As we are exiting the mens room, which is right near the elevator, we see RC on his cell phone leaning against the wall!!!

He looked busy so we didnt bother him, perhaps checking in on the twins???? About 5 min later he walked right by our craps table on his way over to the banquet and then we all said hello to him. He truly gives you the impression that he appreciates the fans and his fame.

We also had a close encounter with Jamie Little that weekend. She is as nice as pie as well.

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