Got to read all of this to get the full benifit....

Beware of synthetic oil, it can do terrible things to you and your

beloved motorcycle. It will not only leak out of your engine faster

than you can put it in, but it will also cause your oil filter to

clog and implode, dumping debris and dirt into your lubrication

system. It also will make every part of your bike permanently

slippery because of its linear molecular chain dispersion action.

Then it will leak onto your kickstand causing it to retract

automatically, dropping your bike on the ground! But that's not all...

Synthetic oil will round off your gears and spin your bearings. It

will also splatter onto your seat causing your girlfriend to fall off

in the apex of a turn and she'll never ride with you again. Synthetic

oil coats your sight window and your timing window with a whitish

pro-emulsification additive that is both non-removable and highly

corrosive. Synthetic oil will completely leak onto the ground overnight

and your dog will drink it and die.

Synthetic oil will wear out your tires and make your battery leak. It

will give you the desperate need to urinate after you put your full

leathers on and then jam your zippers shut. It will contaminate your

gasoline causing your bike to stall on railroad tracks and accelerate

uncontrollably near police cars. It will make it rain during rallies

and on weekends. It will lubricate your timing belts causing them to

jump teeth and break your valves to bits. Synthetic oil chemically

weakens desmodromic valves and causes the clearances to change every

six miles. Then it melts the black soles of your riding boots right

before you walk across your new carpeting.

While riding past groups of attractive women it will cause both of

your handlebar grips to slip off at the same time so you smash your

windscreen with the bridge of your nose. It also causes your swingarm

to crack, your studs to break, and your rotors to warp, and then it

voids your warranty by changing your odometer reading to 55,555. It

also dries out your wetclutch and wets your dryclutch. It makes your

clutch slave cylinder seal fail in the heaviest traffic on the hottest

day of the year while putting an angry wasp in your helmet for good


Synthetic oil hides your 13mm socket and puts superglue on your

earplugs. Synthetic oil will scratch your faceshield and make your

gloves shrink two sizes night before trackday. Synthetic oil stole

your neutral and sold it to the Chinese for $1.25. Synthetic oil

will make you grow a tail. Synthetic oil will write long crazy

e-mails to your Internet friends and then sign your name at the


The worse is that many peoples belives some of the statement in that text...

Your telling me it is not true .............and I have been living a lie ............:applause: :applause: on

reverse physcoligy,'eh?i'm going to get me a case of it-today!:applause:

I'm buying 2 cases................

Thanks for the info, Shel Silverstien.

I'm using synthetic KTM Motorex blinker fluid for my dual sport kit. My muffler bearings should out last my frame.

I'm buying 2 cases................

BUUUURRRRPPPPPPPP! Im a 6 pack into my second case!:applause:

I knew it! ROTELLA 15-40 RULES:bonk:

That is phenominally hillarious!!!!!!!!!!:applause: :applause: :p

Who here did not know this? :applause::p:applause::p

Will it damage my lead plated cam?

No wonder I have so many problems with all the rigs I own..:applause: :applause:

I'm going back to straight 50w...:p

True, but it will help your piston return springs and glow plugs, you just have to run the bike in reverse every once in awhile. :applause:

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