YZ vs WR Forks / Shock

07 yz 450 / 07 wr 450

Does anybody know if yz forks and shock will fit a wr? I am looking to upgrade my suspension for my wr and there is none. But there is plenty for the yz. I am thinking Ohlins all around, as I remember from the racing days Ohlins works real good.


Why would you change what works, just get them re-worked and set up for you. I would hit up ESP they do great work.

Money to burn....LOL. I just remember how good they worked over stock. But then again they wern't "tuning" as they do now.

The rear shock springs are the same size but the spring rates are differant.

The front fork springs are longer in the WR450 '07 they are 460mm long and the YZ450's are 450mm. You can use the YZ450's springs in the WR if you have a 10mm spacer made up (thats what I did as no Wr springs were available in Dec '06)

The main thing with your suspension is to install springs that go with your weight. Try going to Racetechs website and use there calculations to work out the spring rate that you require.

Or if you have loads of cash to burn purchase the OLHINS.




I've wondered the same: would a YZ triple clamp fit the WR. There are plenty of choices for the yz but the wr is another story. I'm mainly interested in the RG3 clamps. Would they fit on the WR? (07 WR450)

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