YZ450 Clutch Lever

How much easier is the GYTR Shorty Roller bearing lever (or aftermarket equivalent) to pull than the stock lever. And would changing to a roller bearing lever help any with arm pump?

Don't expend your money in that. Take the stock lever and drill a new hole at the bottom of the stock hole. Keep a 1/8 overlap between the holes. This will change the cable angle and reduce the pulling force. It will feel as a 125 clutch.

Shorty levers are generally harder to pull, and that's not the real cause of arm pump. Your arm muscles are intended to be flexed and relaxed in a cyclic fashion. When you tense up and stay tensed for long periods of time, the muscles compress the blood vessels in the arm so that they cut off their own supply of oxygen. The best way to avoid arm pump is to build your upper body strength (not bulk) and improve your conditioning, and then to learn to relax as much as possible as often as possible.

The best thing I have found to reduce arm pump is not to grip the bars so tight. Ever since I loosened up on my grip.... it took 80% of the pump out! I have weight lifted for ten years now and still get arm pump but not as bad now since I loosened up on my grip when possible.

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