Question for people who have Supertrapp for Xr600

I did a few searches and looks like it's a great muffler to replace the stocker on the XR600 (97). Going to partially buy it for my Dad's birthday. Although I was just wondering if it came with a mid pipe between where the headers end and the muffler starts, or is it just one solid piece.


depends if you buy the slip on or the megaphone, megaphone isnt made anymore but you see them on ebay sometimes only one they make now is the slip on and yes it comes with the mid pipe if they specify one comes with and one comes without

I have the IDS I and its sweet, and i have had great experience with customer service and yes if you can find they megaphone get it, i think they sound alot better but they do tend to crack very easy, my uncle has one and it has cracked like 3 times and had to be welded

I have the 4 inch race series on my 00" and i like it. It looks better than stock and sounds killer. I only have 8 discs in it at the moment and it is far from too loud. I scored it on ebay fro like $189 new. My only complaint other than it being non megaphone,( the reverse megaphone is not in production anymore) is the mid pipe that goes from the header to the silencer puts the pipe close to the tire where it will rub if bottomed. I could fix it but i'm too lazy to cut and weld stuff at the moment. I will buy a megaphone if i can ever find one though. It's not a bad replacement at all and it's cheap for a pipe.

Alright, thanks for the info. hrc1, just out of curiosity, what jets are you running? Just to compare to what's in the bike right now to see if any change is needed. PO pulled the snorkel and put a usable exhaust tip in it and changed the jetting around a bit.

Just waiting for the pipe to come off of back order so I can throw it on my Dad's bike and see how it sounds.

pilot 68

main 158

needle 3rd clip

Works like a charm, but i live in south michigan at about 900 feet elevation. I pulled the airbox snorkel and run a twin air filter as well. Great power improvment. It really came alive. Hope this helps.

Have the IDS2 on my L and like it. Nice pipe for the money.

had one on my 1992 630RN top muffler. just sold it 4mths ago for $80.00AUD with the standard mid & a stainless O/S mid for the CRD Over Size headers.

im now using a BARRETT carbon fiber/stainless muffler (i was the first to buy & have them make a carbon barrett for the XR600 range = ***** top quality.

ive been using the barrett for approx 10yrs now.


latest pic with the barrett: with 400,000+ klm on the clock now.



OLD 1992/1994 PICS: baffle discs & end cap removed.





you now that i tihnk about it i have a megaphone supertrapp in my room if you want to buy it not sure if its an actual supertrapp but its got supertrapp plates and caps

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