just bought a 05 xr650r today

hello all been about 20 years since i rode a bike and i was use to riding a 2 smoke havent even rode it off road yet just up the highway about 1 mile and back as it is raining out.what can i expect from this bike on very steep hills and almost all trails, and for lasting a long time took me a while how to start this thing with the compression release thingy but finally got it down after about 15 mins im 6ft 3 and weigh about 275 so far the bike seems stiff or maybe its me what kinda tire pressure should i run in it. i forgot how much fun a bike is compared to a atv utility honda just saying hello and hope to have good luck with this bike

Welcome to the community.

Tire pressure ~15 psi Front/Rear (15 keeps your rims healthy)

Suspension - Not sure why it felt stiff to you. If you get going faster, you may need stiffer springs to keep the suspension in the correct travel range on bumps. Casual trail riding under 35 mph and no whoops, you are probably fine. The bike is truly amazing at high speeds with suspension tuned for your weight. Stock suspension is scary at high speed (above 50 or 60MPH) on rough terrain such as whoops and bumpy fields.

Starting - You can start with a fresh spark plug. Also, the 68s pilot jet and fuel screw adjustment can make it easier to start. Should not take too much force, just a smooth kick starting right after the compression part of the stroke through to the bottom will start it. Try a few (3-5) priming kicks with the compression release lever pulled before you try to start it. Also, there is an idle adjustment knob hanging from a flex cable on the lower left side of the carb. may want to twist it in a couple turns to start the bike, then twist it back out when you get it started.

Hills - This bike loves hill climbs. Its very planted and the suspension (if tuned properly) soaks up the bumps for nice smooth hill climbs. Keep your speed up in 2nd gear and you can climb nearly anything soft. Harder ground, you can chug up it in 2nd bogging the motor. Sometimes I feather the clutch to keep it from flipping backwards.

Since you haven't been riding for a while, just take it slow to begin with to keep you healthy.

its brand new just put it together today out of crate paid 4000 no miles is that a pretty good deal for a new 05 650r plus thanks for the reply.im going to be hear quite often looking for things i dont know about and can learn alot from you guys as i can already tell by the many post i have read thanks alot again

Welcome to the board. Uncork that sucker and have some real fun. One thing you might want to do is change the rear shock spring - the stocker is for a 160 lb rider. It makes a big difference in how the bike rides. Eibach Springs are available from the Thumpertalk store.

Hello DP and welcome!

The one thing I can emphatically recommend is to have your suspension set up for you. I am very similar in size to you and once I had my bike set up for me, the change was amazing. I ride very aggressively and the correct suspension really improved my riding. Definitely worth it as your stock suspension is not set up for an "atypical" sized rider.

Good Luck!

Welcome to, Thumpertalk,diesel power, Enjoy that new ride..:applause: :applause:

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