Hints on Ty Davis 12oz, flywheel install...please.

I'm waiting for my Ty Davis flywheel to arrive and dreading the drill and tap that I'll have to do. My bike's a 98 WR400 so it takes a little different installation process. I'd like to hear from you if you've had some expereince with this. I've got a professional shop ready to do the install/balance and micrometer check and am wondering if I'll need it.


Installation is not difficult. Use a drill press to ensure the holes are straight and perpendicular to the mating surface of the rotor. The Ty Davis kit will include the center punch, drill bit and tap. The weight comes pre-balanced and the drilling/bolt locations are a symmetrical 120º apart (3 bolts). This should eliminate the need for any fancy balancing exercises after the installation (unless you’re really anal). The weight is self-aligning since it comes with counter bores in it that will cover the existing rivet heads on the rotor and lie flat. All you have to do is line up the timing mark on the weight to the timing mark on the rotor, use the provided center punch to mark the locations of the three holes. Drill and tap the holes and bolt the weight on. Be sure to use loctite on the fasteners. It is a pretty foolproof design. Hope this helps.

Mine ('99 WR400) came with drill bushings so it was an absolute no brainer. Just follow the directions. The hardest part was getting the chips out of the little groove between the two parts - don't remember exactly what it looked like, just remember that cleaning the thing was the most difficult part.


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