650l bogging

i went for a ride today and 5 min after i filled the gas tank the bike started bogging very badly it would barely movewith the throttle pinned ''idled fine''. it did this for 10 min then backfired loudly and after that it ran fine . the bike is stock except for gearing and is a 05 with 6500 hard miles.i changed the oil a few days ago and it seems fine. spark plug?

Sounds like a clogged jet. I had the same problem where my XR650l would only run on the idle circuit but when I rolled the throttle on it would bog. After I ran some acetone through the tank it was fine. Check your filter in your tank (on the petcock) and see if ther is a hole and if not maybe run some feul system cleaner or acetone (which BTW does not harm carb parts and increases the molecular diffusion of the gas) through it to flush anything else out.

j(ust trying to get back in) sounds like you just need to give the carb some tlc. Any Mods? pull it and clean it and see what happens.

thanks guys the carb is stock

I had a problem kind of similar after I rejetted my 04 xrl

the bike would go fine at 0-1\8 throttle, then when i would roll on or crack the throttle, it would bog and lurch, then finally start going.

it turned out that the needle jet needed to be shimmed to let the fuel in a little sooner, I guess there was a split second where there was no fuel between the pilot and the main jet...

runs perfect now, but man, that was a pain:banghead:

check for water in the tank

flavio from rome italy

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