FMF or K&N Jet Kit

I've been looking at and they have two jet kits for the XL.

The K&N looks like it has all the parts for "Dave's Mods" but the FMF kit looks more complete... if it has the stuff for the mods. Has anybody bought either of these kits? Does the FMF have the stuff for the mods?

I know I can get all the stuff cheaper separately, but I want the security of getting everything at once.

Here's the link:

If the kit doesn't contain keihn jets then the numbers wont mean the same. Stick with Daves mods. I tried the DJ kit and it didn't work as well.

I bet the FMF kit and the K&N kit are both re-badged Dynojet kits. In my experience most jet kits that aren't made my a company that specializes in jet kits are re-badged Dynojet kits.

I used the Dynojet kit as recommended by my local honda mechanic. Pilot jet will have to be bought seperately. He said it's worth the whole kit to get their lighter spring and proprietary titanium needle. He claims this works better at higher elevations than Dave's mods. Not sure as I didn't try Dave's mods, but this set up worked well for me. Much stronger/smoother than stock.

Of course, you'll have to throw an aftermarket pipe/filter to complete thepackage. FYI: I went w/ the supertrapp IDS2. I like it alot.


Does the DynoJet kit come with the needle and washer? It sucks that the pilot jet needs to be purchased separately. Is there a kit that comes with a pilot jet?

It seems like I'll just have buy everything separate. The reason I would like a kit is just to save some time fooling around, and to have a little peace of mind knowing I have all the right parts, seeing how my bike is brand new.

the dj kit is an outstanding setup. comes with different needle and clip(i think it was supposed to go in the middle position, cant remember). just remember, they spent time in r&d to develop that needle it comes with. i didnt even have to change the pilot, but im at 4300 ft. elevation. i dont think there is a kit with a pilot tho. dont get me wrong, dave is an intelligent guy to come up with his mods, and im sure it works great. i just went with the dj kit for ease of obtaining parts.

I'm kinda torn on what to do. I've read about a 50/50 mix of good and bad reviews for the DynoJet kit. My personal thought is that would be a fool proof way of getting things right. Any more opinions on the DynoJet Kits?

think about this also. those opinions (like from myself) come from guys who tried only one way or the other and are sold on their sole choice.

Well, some folks have tried the DJ kit and loved it.

Some have tried it, and not liked it.

The DJ kit might have a skosh more peak power, but I have yet to hear from someone that tried both and liked the DJ kit more. If anyone did like the DJ kit better, pipe in so we have all the data!

You can always do the cheap mods, then spring for the 30-40 dollar kit.

The spring in the DJ kit really doesn't seem to make much difference.

My experience was to try the kit 1st, and the bike still was just not right. I followed the instructions to the letter.

The cheap dave mods give better throttle response than the DJ kit.

Did anyone ever install the kit, and drill the slide?


I run the DynaJet kit on my XR650L, and it performs pretty much flawlessly ... BUT ... if I knew then what I know now, I would just pop for the Keihin jets,etc (Dave's mods), and save a bunch of $$$$ ... the DynaJet is overpriced, imho ... :applause: (yup, I drilled the slide, in addition to the weaker spring, and my fatass pig likes it) ...

If the kit doesn't contain keihn jets then the numbers wont mean the same. Stick with Daves mods. I tried the DJ kit and it didn't work as well.

Same here.

To be fair, I did notice a slight difference (for the better) in the DJ kit over stock. However when I did Dave's mods their seemed a significant improvement over the DJ. I could have gotten better performance and saved $$$ had I just done Dave's mods in the first place.

Just some guy on the internet's opinion.

For my 2 cents I have DJ and drilled slide on my 01 L, and I find I get a lot more backfiring, and not quite the throttle response vs. another 04 L I know that has only dave's mods. Woulda, shoulda, coulda...

ya i drilled th the slide and did the dj kit. great thr. response and no hesitation or flat spots. but that doesnt matter too much now with this fcrpumper!

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