newbie carb question

the air\fuel screw thing....

now that I've removed the tab, I need to know how to manipluate this thing...

does it controll the movement of fuel or the movement of air?

does turning it out make it richer or leaner?:applause:

thanks in advance for your non-stupid answers to this stupid question:bonk:

Assuming XR650L CV carb, its a fuel screw, and in is leaner, out is richer.

If you have the correct size pilot jet, the adjustment should be 2-3 turns out from lightly seated (closed).

More than that, you need a bigger pilot.


Turn the screw in until the idle changes, then count your turns out until the idle changes again. Go half way. You should be near 2 to 2 1/2 turns out from were the screw lightly seats or your jetting is likely wrong.:applause:

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