Chainsaw carrier ideas

How do some of you other trail maintainers carry your saws? We have a guy in our group that has the moto billet rack and it works good, for the price.

Myself, I'm a cheapskate. Anybody have different ways, or should I say less expensive ways?

Check the "search" for "Chain Saw Carriers". About a month or so back there was quite a discussion in the N.W. section. I also use the Pro Moto Billet setup and like it, but there were others who had front mounted carriers and back pack setups. There were some pictures on the theads. Good Luck.


Sorry for the wrong info, but it's listed under chaisaw rack, not chainsaw carrier.


I carry mine in a back pack. I have an old cheap pack that works just fine. I have to let er cool down a bit before I put it in after cutting. Usually a little water on the exhaust and it is good to go.

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