Leaking Kickstarter Seal

Ok all got a question,

94 XR600R

I have developed a small leak from my seal around the kickstarter lever. Nothing big but I will eventually have to replace it (I hate leaks!):applause: I have looked in my manual and can't tell if I need to replace the seal from inside the case or if it can be simply popped out from the exterior and a new one put in. I keep getting different answers from locals so I thought I would pick some brains on TT!

Thanks in advance for the help!:applause:

I just changed my clutch & to-do item was that seal cause mine was getting pretty messy. Dont wait cause I found dirt in my needle bearing, just inside the seal. & I did notice it (seal) is changable from outside. Cause I woulda done much sooner if I had known. Do it now.

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