Mods for new wr450?

I just bough a new 2005 wr450 as i was riding i didnt feel that it had all that i thought it would,but i havent had it in the dirt yet just in the neighborhood.

I have heard to make it run like i want i need to take the throttle pin out of the carburator and put the yz one in, rejet it and put a new slip on pipe on the bike. i was wondering if any one had any advice for me on if that information is correct or not and if it is how much of a difference it will really make. All suggestions are apprciated.

Thanks Aaron

I've got an '06 so it should be the same. Replace the throttle stop with one from a YZ or just cut it down to YZ specs. Yank out the baffle in the air box and take off the right side airbox cover and cut out the two marked ko's. Remove the peashooter in the exhaust or if you really want to make it come alive throw on an after market exhaust. I've got a FMF Powercore w/Powerbomb header. After seeing what this bike can do uncorked I would sell it if I had to ride it stock.

So once i do all these things is it just going to be a night and day difference in the way this bike performs.

You''ll be amazed. I came off a '04 YZ450 and the WR satisfies my need for power after the mods. It will wheelie in 3rd with no clutch.:applause: Do the mods:thumbsup:

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