wr suspension noob

I have done plenty of searches through the forum here before I posted this question but currently I have a lot of information muddled up. I took the wr to the dunes yesterday for the first time and am interested in helping with handling and "washing out" on these forums I hear alot about adjusting rear sag height, fork height compression damping. I am 5'10" 230 and am wondering where I set these to make it hook up better in the dunes. I know you have to tune them but not exactly clear what I change them to....thanks again for the help

I ride an 07 WR.. You'll never get adjusted right with the stock springs,(both front and rear) @ your weight,Being 230.. I'm a few pounds larger.. Go to racetechs web site and they will have a chart to steer you in the right direction... Mine handles every woop,sand wash,corner or hill climb that i've come across. A bit pricey but well worth it!!!

Like wrjdm said at your weight, you'll never get it dialed in without proper springs. I'm exactly your weight, and my bike was handling really crappy too. The suspension felt harsh and bouncy with terrible cornering. So, I took it to a local suspension shop (ESP) for a complete re-spring/re-valve job. Apparently, my problem was that I was sagging both the front and the back too much. This made the bike ride and the hard part of the stroke of both shock and forks. I just picked up my bike last night, so be on a look out for a ride report sometime this weekend!

so until I get the cash to do this properly what do you suggest I do to my front and rear compression and damping?? thanks again

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