Uncorked. Very righteous, but a question.

Did all the usual Dave's mods with the exception of adding a FMF Q2 (perfect tone and volume!) and a 160 main jet. I'm not getting on it too much since it's only got about 20 miles on now but I'm just wondering about the throttle response. It starts and runs perfect (much better than stock of course) but it just seems that the first quarter throttle (at any rpm) seems a little soft, but after quarter throttle the power really kicks in. Is this the nature of how the bike runs or do you think I should up the pilot jet (55 right now)?

The 58 pilot may help a bit, But the constant velocity carburetor takes time to respond due to the fact that it is a vacuum operated slide. I do not think that you will ever get rid of the hesitation completely but with some attention to the jetting and perseverence you can almost eliminate it.

Good luck, at sea level an uncorked L jetting specs that work well for me are 58/165, with daves mods and dynojet adjustable needle and lighter slide spring.

Thanks for that info. Interesting how you're set up signeificantly different than me and have good results too. I'm going to go check the color of my plug. I think what I'm noticing is just the contour of the throttle cable cam on the carb. I think it opens the carb quicker the farther you turn it.

if you think its a bit soft you might try adding a pumper carb to increase the throttle response

Why must you encourage me to spend more $$:applause::p It doesn't take much!:applause:

well a new carb IMO is the best money spent other than a uncork kit only like 270 for a mikuni pumper

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