Georgia Riders- Dallas, GA Ride Saturday 2-9-02, 10am-Till?

It's Time once again to get our Dallas, GA ride on the books. This is an excellent ride with 10 miles of powerlines and 5000 acres of great woods riding. This place has got it all...Knarley hill climbing, Stream Crossings, fast woods trails, great technical areas, and some awesome jumps.

As of today the weather is supposed to be within tollerance levels.

For our northern riders this is just a quick trip down the road. I will be hauling a bunch of folks from the southside in my trailer....Yeah...Yeah...Yeah... I got more keys made yesterday.

RSK (Steve) will be Hosting this ride....(it seems to be the only way we can get him back out in the woods)

The meeting place will be at the intersection of HWY 92/HWY 278 at the Waffle House in Dallas at 10am.

Who wants to go ?

Bonzai :)

Heck, I'm still sore from the last ride! I don't know if I can swing it. I have a lot of bike work in the garage that needs doing.

I bought a 36 inch Master Key at lunchtime today. I shall not be denied again! It will be kept under the seat in the Van.... I actually thought of covering it with plastic and wiring it up underneath the van....But the hide a key was easier.

Bonzai :)

Man! I would love to go, but Saturdays are full with Kid's sports until Summer. The Friday afternoon ride is still on in Cleveland if anyone wants to go. Work half a day and take off early!

Can you send me directions to this Dallas place. It's near my brother who is starting to ride again. I might have to go visit him soon!

Do ATV's ride there? :)


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