riding wheelies on a wr?

I just bought a 2005 wr450 i have yet to do the mods to it that everyone suggests,but i am taking it out this weekend to play around. I used to ride a yz250 this is my first four stroke. My question is on the 250 i had to pop the clutch to stand it up i am wondering if i will have to do the same on the 450 or if popping the clutch is just going to launch me off the back. All suggestions are apriciated.

Thanks Aaron :applause:

Do the mods. No clutch required.

but until then what should i do

but until then what should i do

Turn the throttle........lean back.......and enjoy the wheelie!:applause:

Your gonna love the compression braking for wheelies. If you go a little to far just cut the throttle and the compression braking will bring the front end down. You haven't wheelies till you've done it on a four stroke:thumbsup:

the 4 strokes make their power down low, i can just go off the throttle, then on hard and she'll pop up right up to and including 4'th gear after mods, before mods, 1,2 gear are easy, third was a little trickier to pop up,

DO THE MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's' an unbeleivable difference.

start in second a little gas bring it up til u cant see the road and shift to 3rd and once u find the happy place u can ride forever

I tried changing gears also while wheeling, it's no problem but I can't find that happy place (the balance point i guess you could call it) and i always find myself up shifting when i don't want to as the engine keeps revving, any hings on finding it? and these bikes being 4 strokes will the engine compression let the front come back down if you suddenly decel if you go too far back? or is the brake still needed there? im planning on more practicing this summer on this balance point wheeliing.

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