Rear Brake issues

I just recently replaced my rear brake on my 06' YZ450. But, I cannot get my brake to work. I've blead the brakes many times and can still not get the piston inside the caliper to push up against the brake bads. There is not pressure what so ever. The brake pedal has to resistance when I pump it. I've added brake fluid probably 5 different times because I've blead them so much. Do you have any suggestions?

Did the piston work ok before you replaced the brakes?

You probably have an air bubble trapped at the line fitting at the master cylinder. Bleed the air from there, then try bleeding the whole line again.

i suggest bleeding it again and or checking to see if there is any seal damage, if there is then that could be the reason why there no resistance and no pressure on the disk

You can bleed it continuously for the next week if you like, but if there's a bubble at the MC output port and banjo fitting, which is the high spot in the system, all you'll be doing is pumping fluid around and under it, and it will just stay right there. Been there.

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