04 wr450 clarke tank installation

So i have the old tank off the bike and im having trouble putting the petcock on the new tank. On the old tank there is two holes for the lines coming off the petcock. On the new one there is only one hole and a divet looking thing next to the other hole. Am i supposed to drill that out for the other line ? I read on another post and someone said to just take that line off the petcock is this true ?

I read another post and they said to drill it out so i did, but now the dam thing wont fit. Im pretty sure they sent me a yz250 tank instead of a yzf/wr tank, because the indention for the kicker is way off and the sides of the tank goes over the choke lever to where even if it would fit you wouldnt be able to pull the lever out.

WOW dam annoying, i was wanting to go riding today.

Got any pics? It does sound like you have a YZ tank instead of the WR. Maybe you can rotate the kicker on it's spline to get it to line up with the indentation...

Yes it is a yz250/125 tank. My father ordered this tank for me for my birthday. And me being a fool I didnt check the packaging list, which says 3.1g tank for a yz250. I figured my father knew what he was doing lol. Hopefully they will take it back for a different one now that ive drilled a hole in it for the petcock.

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