RE: Baja Designs

Hey guys, just though I would post some pics of my new Baja Designs setup, the yz rear fender and their plastic liscence plate bracket and the flush mount Led turn and brake lights. I also put a front brake light switch there for more safety. The turn lights are not the brightest ones out there but they wont' brake off as easy and they do look better IMHO.





Looks good. I hope to pick up a YZ fender for mine.

Wow! That is one hard corps dual sport! bitchen bike!

The new Baja kit comes with the yz fender and the new tail light set up.


Yeah they do, and also the new multifunction switch, I had so many fail I ended up putting 2 relays on my headlight beams, no more problems, the problem with them is they can't handle the higher wattage stock headlight compared to like xr's and crf's with 35 watt lights and the contact housing would melt, now with relays only enough power to energize the relays goes through the switch so it should last forever, I have a newer one from BD anyhow though if it need it..

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