Check out my new DOT approved Nobby Tire

Hey guys, I wore out my stock tire last summer (lasted 2300 km) and bought this one from Royal Distributing here in Canada, it's the only one they list as a knobby DOT approved tire for street use, looks good, anyone else try one yet? any idea how long it will hold up, it's an odd brand name 'Trak Master'. I also upped one size to 120 also, figured I have the power to push it. I use my tire on pavement and alot of dirt roads, and some off road, and sand also


kenda enduro and if i knew how to post pics i lasted 250miles and had a very nice off road pattern. but tire wear is horrible on road

05 wr 450 120/90/18

I had the same Kenda TrakMaster II rear tire on my KLX, can't say how long it lasted because I sold the bike shortly after.

That's the same tire I have on order and a couple of riders here swear by them. Should work well in your neck of the woods Max. They may wear a little faster but you can't bet the price.

My buddy has one on his 250, he loves it. He rides harder than anyone else I ride with, and he hasn't worn his out yet...:applause:

How is the front tire? looks good for the back.

I had the same tire and I will never get another (for my XR). I ate it up way to fast!

With that said, It was on a plated XR650R. That bike kills "every tire" I ever I put on it. It's my short street rides(14-miles to/from) to the fire roads that does all the munching. Thats when I get most of my wheelie practice on the XR, extra hard on the tires.

If you have a light bike and stay off the throttle on the pavment I bet you found yourself a great tire. Enjoy, great pic!

I liked it enough in the dirt to give it another try on my new WR.

Knowing that my WR will wheelie in the soft stuff, unlike the XR, I think that I will be able to wait for the dirt and not be so hard on it on the street. Yea, right, S/T.

I've been using these tires for years,they are a great bang for the buck tire,doesn't do anything great ,but it's cheap,and it doesn't do anything really wrong,,,and it's DOT approved.


well i got 2300km outta of the stocker, are you guys saying this one will wear out faster? i thought it being street legal it would be harder compound and wear a little longer on the road. My front stock tire is good but the lugs are wearing a little on an angle, will need 2 new ones next season, and im probabally gonna need another rear before the summer is out, i like the price, this is not a problem, it's just a pain in the @SS changing them, two bead locks don't help any.

How is the front tire? looks good for the back.

I have used the Kenda on the rear and it is not a bad tire for being DOT.

I really don't think you can find a better DOT offroad rear tire for the money.


been running one on the rear for years. I am plated and use DOT tires but only run on pavement to connect trail sections so I don't worry much about the wear on the pavement. I did commute on my 400 for about a month when I was doing some work to my truck and the pavement just ate the kenda. Love it in the dirt and sand, chunks up in the rocks and wears very fast on the pavement.

so to me it does just what it was meant for. and for $25 you can't beat it

Im planning on taking my bike on the highway this summer for a bit and wondered if i could find a longer wearing dot tire for my bike that still has some potential off road........

I use a Pirelli MT21 for the big red pig. It's DOT approved and still agressive for the dirt. The only problem it's very expencive. That tire has held up to the road the best for me. Even with that said, I still kick myself after every ride for not going easy on it on the pavement.

You may never be convinced until you try both, a cheap DOT vs an expencive one, then compair the differance yourself. Trying a cheap dot tire won't be that big of a hit if you change them your self. After all the cheapy might work out well for you.

im not so worried on the price, I just hate changing it, and there is no dealer near me. :applause:

My Dunlop D606 held up well doing some commuting and around town riding. It did well offroad except in the sand/ mud and snow! I Took it off before it's life was over. I wanted a more agressive offroad tire!

MAX... i ran the Trackmaster last summer and it was a good compromise for both the Road and the Michigan sand. I changed it out for a Michelin s-12. been running it on the road all season(so far, and not DOT approved). I put almost 2000 kms last year between trail and road, but I found it was too wore out by the fall for any real Dirt riding. I would say approx 40-50% tread left... Check out wwwDOTodscDOTonDOTca and go into the forums there for more info... It is the Ontario Dual Sport Club website.


thanks, i am a amember of that club already :applause:

The MT21 front and rear are a good choice for wear and effectivness in the dirt and on the street.


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