yzf 450 07 stator plate

had 2 go on me now in 3 weeks and i know of other people who have had more go on them, anybody no whats causing this problem ???

im amazed ive not had a reply to this now, i know atleast 5 people here in the uk who have had them go and theres not many 450s about! when it goes its jst like you run out of petrol and then obviously will not start,

it burns out on the igntion winding on the inside actaully melted some of the insulator on the first one that went,

Its the first I've heard of it. Maybe its a UK thing? :applause:

i have had this same issue going along and it just quits like you are out of gas can you give me any more info than the stator plate have you had any more issues since or did you find out what is causing the problem? Mine just went out and I don't want to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere again......what exactly did you end up replacing

There have been a few '07 stators quit, but not a rash of them.

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