Light Brown sustance coming out from engine breather hose

I noticed some small amount of sticky light brown sustance flowing out from my engine breather hose when I park my bike overnight. Is this normal or something's wrong?!

Sounds like you either need to change your oil, or you have some water in your oil (it would give it a white-ish/light brown color, and also mean you need to change your oil).

It is oil....Blow-by from the upper end, and yes it is quite normal after a hard NO it does not mean you have to change your oil....Everything is fine.

Bonzai :)

Yamakaze is correct. Condensation and light oil mist occurs in breather tube. they mix creating this goop!

Ohh, Noooo. We went back to the B-word!!...Now Guy and Ronnin will be here!!

SoCal :)

[ February 05, 2002: Message edited by: SoCalWR426 ]

your all wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. it must be fuel coming from under the carb.......arrgggghhhhh!!!

Im sorry, I was terribly wrong.


socal, had to do it.

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