So I go my 2005 wr450 outo on the track for the first time today and it is bone stock everyone on here has been real helpful with telling me what i have to do to get it riding good but i had a couple questions. My ? is when i turn the throttle it feels like it only turns about a quarter and i was wondering if that will change when i change the throttle pin. My 2nd ? is i have been told to cut the grey wire and i dont know what the grey wire is so if anyone can help me thatd be awesome.

thanks aaron

Yep she will open up when you shorten the stop and the gray wire is under the tank near the seat. I just unplugged mine and sealed the connection with silicone to keep out the moisture

You can also buy the AIS removal kit from the dealer. It comes with everything you need: yz throttle stop (alternative to cutting), all the jets, and all the things you need to remove the AIS.

Thats awesome how much is one of these kits.

about $ 50.

I used the TT removal kit but it does not include the jets or stop just the plugs for the AIS removal. You will have to get the jets seperate and also the throttle stop. I just cut mine to length you can do a search and find how much to cut off. I am getting old and can't remember how much i cut off mine but it was cheaper than buying one and not at all difficult.

Check the WR performance sticky thread at the top of the forum page, everything is in there for your bike. WR Dave.

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