suspension settings

What settings are recomended for a 220 lb rider on a stock 01 xr650r. I ride in the CA desert and am a decent rider. Soon I will have the suspension done by a shop, but, could use some help until then. Thanks in advance for your help.

Alot of compression, rebound and preload. Haven't had much luck with my stock one. My ESP suspension is very plush on my other 650r.

Coupe, what part of the desert do you live in? I'm out near Palmdale/Lancaster.

If you are not going to get the springs needed for your weight yet, and do not want to do the suspension mods yourself then changing the fork fluid to ultra light fluid (I know it sounds like going the wrong way but, trust me) 2.5wt. Go with 105mm from the top. run the compression adjusters at 15 clicks out (bottom adjusters on the forks under the rubber plugs) and the rebound adjusters 10~11 clicks out (adjusters on top of the forks). On the shock run the compression adjuster (top, on the reservoir) at 14~16 clicks out and the rebound (bottom, by the chain) 11 clicks out. It has to do with how the shocks rebound circuit also controls some of the compression flow. You will get a plusher initial responce (small bumps and chatter) but, will slow down the big hit. This will not fix everything by far but, will be a great compromise till you get around to doing/having the suspension done for your weight.


Your bike can do this also! Yes, that is a XR650R.:applause:

If you are good at turning a wrench and following instructions then try doing the suspension yourself. Make sure your fallow all the links on the pages.

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