Spark Plug Trick?

I have a 1985 XR600R and it runs pretty good. I haven't had it for long and it's a bike I'm building up. When I was trying to change the plug, I couldn't get my 18mm plug wrench down in there to pull the plug. Is there a trick to getting it? :applause:

You may need to put the socket in on top of the plug and then plug the ratchet into the socket. After the plug is loose, take the ratchet out and use the socket to turn the plug. A piece of rubber hose also works as a "snake" to get the plug out easier.

Yes, since my socket doesn't have the foam grabby stuff inside I'm using a piece of hose that fits snugly over the end of the spark plug. It works good, but I'm always wondering if there's any dirt sitting down in there ready to fall into the cylinder.

A thorough hit with some aerosol brake cleaner could probably take care of any loose crud waiting to fall into the cylinder. Just don't get it near any paint. I'm not sure it take off the black engine paint on an '85, though.

A lot of 18mm sockets won't fit cause they're too fat. A thin wall socket should fit. Sometimes the cheapee off-brand sockets have thinner construction and will fit. I had the same issue with an XR400R and found the plug wrench that came in the tool kit actually worked best.

If a cheapee 18mm socket won't fit and you don't have any thin walled sockets then I'd just grind the cheepee down some. If you want to buy a purpose made plug wrench for your bike then motion pro makes them (in addition to the OEM tool kit plug wrenches).

:applause: I have a 1996 xr 600 and the plug is down deep had to buy a cheapy

long thin plug wrench no rachet just use screwdriver through hole top of socket

break it lose & do rest buy hand blow off cylinder with compresed air if you can...............:applause:

I had the same problem with my 99' 650 L. I found a Craftsman sparkplug socket works great.

get the correct plug wrench...makes life way easier! 94 600R

you need to get one of those capucin monkeys. Its a bit of an investment but their little monkey hands can get into every nook and cranny no problem.:applause:

So it's a "monkey" wrench?

I like the monkey idea but don't think I can afford it. :applause: I am going to turn down a cheep plug wrech tomarrow on the lathe. Thanks all!:applause:

Stock plug wrench is the best way to go, bar none:thumbsup:

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