Sprocket Question

I have a 2001 yz426f and need to get a new sprocket soon and whanted to know about the gearing stuff like if i put a bigger sprocket on well it give me more top end power or what well it do and if i put a smaller sprocket on it what well it do stuff like that i would like to know and if i order a new sprocket what kind should i get i don;t have a lot of money so renthal is out of the question and also if i buy a new sprocket do i need to get a new chain thanks. :applause:

Many of the 426 riders I know run a 51 - 14 or a 50 - 14 combination. I ran the 51 rear for several years with no problems. The larger rear lowered the top end but gave the power more low punch for drive out of corners and acceleration.

A larger rear will lower the ratio and less top end, easier revs result. A larger will give more top end and less explosive power. What you choose depends on where you ride, the type of riding you are doing and your own experience. The front is the opposite in effect from the rear. A quick rule of thumb is three teeth on the rear equals 1 on the front. Not exact but close for quick calculation of what to do.

Check the Thumper Talk store for their prices on sprockets and chains. Sun Star or another brans should save you a little. However remember you get what you pay for. Iron Man or Vortex are excellent sprockets and will last a long time.

I always replace the chain and sprockets as a package. Some do, some don't up to you. Good luck with your 426, I love mine.


Thanks for the info and what kind of sprocket do u use.

Renthal or Sun Star, usually the Renthal super light rear, their standard front and their R-1 chain. MX only so I don't use an O or X ring chain.


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