FMF powerbombs, megabombs, any bombs

I read the claims on the FMF headers, while they increase power, they also brag of lower exhaust noise, by acting as a pre muffler...

... Does anyone have first hand accounts of this? It is a noticeable decrease in sound, according to the Mk I Mod 0 Human Bean Earball?

Im running a stock WR450 (07) so its really quiet now, but if I went with an aftermarket muffler, I'd probably want to bring it down below the 96 db threshold of the 'quiet' ehxausts, if I could.

I rode my bike with the Factory 4.1 with the stock header and then with the megabomb. I did not notice any difference in noise level.

I first put on the 4.1 with the stock header, then changed to the bomb header (the little one) and did notice a slight differance in noise. But I also put the spark arrestor in, so maybe that was it.

Figures... Well, I won't dilusion myself to think its going to help. But I'd like a Powerbomb header and WB E2 exhaust when I do start playing with the motor.

... I noticed a spark arrestor doing a lot to drop the noise down on an aftermarket exhaust.

From what I noticed on my 05, i put the lil bomb on it, and it sounds deeper, and at the lower rpms (sound check) it is muffled. Once you get running though, it probably has less effect (higher revs).

I bought it because i had one on my old quad, and it got me through sound checks hands down. Once I got on the throttle, the heads turned.

My FMF Q tested quieter with the power bomb on it vs. the stock header :applause:

My FMF Q tested quieter with the power bomb on it vs. the stock header :applause:

I run a FMF Q2 and a PB header. It blows 93db and flies through sound tests.

Still makes plenty ponies.

I have the 400 WR with the Q an the power bomb an it tested quieter than with the stock header. My reason for puting it on was to gain easy axcess to the oil filter! Not sure how that is on the 450's!

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