ProMoto Billet Ins. vs GYTR wr Muffler Ins.

I have 2006 WR450 and I am looking at the above inserts. Is there any notable differences in performance and sound. Thanks for any replies.

Not sure about the GYTR but the the pro moto is just a touch louder than stock and I could tell there's a performance gain also.

Last time I looked there wasn't a GYTR insert available for the '06, but I could be wrong, when I got my PMB isert, I installed it first and noticed a big increase in power and not too much more noise, I like it alot

Did you get an increase in power down low or top end?

The PMB insert was the first mod I made, I noticed increase in power everywear, but I still had the WR throttle screw and grey wire etc., I rode it with just the insert for a couple of months because I thought the power increase was so good and I'm a beginner and was getting used to the bike, I then did all rest of the mods and OMG........................

Thanks for the info, guys- I was wondering the same thing and had recently searched for the forums for this info. I just orderd the PMB along with a JD kit and Zip-ty screw to continue to develop the bike, which is awesome. As much as I'd like to have an FMF or DrD, that'll have to wait for now. Thanks again.

I just installed the GYTR on my 07, ($45). A little louder but still 96db or less. Performance gained in low end and the tail pipe does not look so "whimpy" anymore:thumbsup:

I have a 06 WR 450 and I installed the GYT-R insert it's alittle louder and I felt the power gain on the bottom end

IM using the PMB insert and the second baffle removed, a bit louder and a bit more power but not near as much as putting on a stock Yz muffler.

you need a db Dawg

Cheesy way of mounting it though. Im going to come up with something different with mine

where can you buy them? do they reduce much performance?

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